Mystery Braid or Trick Braid

Two slightly different ways to make the three strand mystery braid or trick braid. Follow the instructions below or watch Kathy's video.

Three strand mystery braid instructions

How to make the Three Strand Mystery Braid or Trick Braid

Practice making the braid on a piece of leather 9 inches -10 inches long x 3/4 inch wide

Fig.1 Make two cuts in the strip dividing it into three equal parts leaving both ends of the strip closed by 3/4 of an inch. 

Fig.2 Bring the lower end of the strip up and pass it between strands 2 and 3 pulling the end through and down as shown in Fig.3

Fig.4 Go to the top of the strip and pass strand 1 over strand 2. Pass strand 3 over strand 1. Pass strand 2 over strand 3. Bring the lower end of the strip up and pass it through gap "A" between strands 3 and 2 as shown in Fig.5

Fig.6 With one braiding cycle completed and the braid kept to the top of the strip. Continue braiding repeating steps two - six.

Fig.7 Shows the finished braid after two braiding cycles.

Learn to do the 3-part Inside trick braid in less than 2 minutes, courtesy of Kathy's hands at

An all leather mystery braid bracelet / wristband
All leather mystery braid bracelet / wristband

Now you know the mystery! why not make a simple mystery braid bracelet wristband for yourself or a friend from some small pieces of leather?

This mystery braid bracelet / wristband with an adjustable leather closure will fit any wrist size and can be made using a few basic tools.

All leather mystery braid bracelet / wristband

mystery braid bracelet details

The mystery braid bracelet / wristband was made using dyed thru veg-tan leather 1mm - 1.2mm thick


The braiding strip is 190mm long x 10mm wide (after 15 braiding cycles it will measure approx 170mm long)


Start and finish the two cuts approx 14mm from each end


Punch out a 2mm diameter hole at each end


The closure strip is 200mm long x 4mm wide, it is knotted at one end and has a tapered point at the other end, the length of the taper is approx 35mm

 This mystery braid bracelet has 15 braiding cycles, you don''t have to have 15, you could stop after 10. The more braiding cycles you have the tighter the braid will be.